They reveal that Inés Gómez-Mont bought a luxurious mansion for 126 million pesos before fleeing

A friend of the former driver Inés "N" and Víctor Manuel "N", fugitives from justice, accused of operations with resources of illicit origin for 2 thousand 950 million pesos and whom Interpol is looking for in more than 190 countries, revealed that before After the arrest warrant was issued, she bought another house for 126 million pesos.

A family friend revealed to TvNotas that the residence is located on Rolling Road, Villa Pinecrest, Florida, in the United States.

"Yes, they acquired it days before the arrest warrant was issued. Inés began negotiations in April, but the purchase was closed in August. She did not put it in her name, but that of a company she created in Florida called 'Casa Mine. Still, he did sign the papers," the source said.

She explained that the house has an area of ​​almost a thousand square meters, 7 bedrooms, 8 full bathrooms, a gym, a swimming pool, large gardens and a theater for 18 people with surround sound and lighting. It is on two levels, but has an elevator, 2 utility rooms, and a 7-car garage.

"It is incredible, the decoration is luxurious, it has crystal chandeliers, marble walls and floors. The bathrooms are huge and the main room measures 150 square meters. Almost the size of a luxury apartment. All its properties are to be had at availability of their family or friends when they travel, let's say they are like rest houses," he revealed.

She assured, in an interview with this show magazine, that she has properties in Mexico City, a house in Acapulco, Guerrero; another in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and several in the United States. She added that the company, like everything in the name of Inés, will be retained while it is being investigated whether it was bought with her own or illicit resources.

How is Inés Gómez-Mont doing?

When questioned about how Inés "N" is doing, the source commented: "Terrified, because her legal situation is getting worse and worse. She and her husband Víctor have water up to their necks. Both continue to deny having committed any of the crimes for those who accuse them, but unfortunately there is evidence to the contrary.

"Properties continue to appear, which they possibly bought in recent months, prior to their search, and which were financed with illicit money," she added.

He indicated that just before the scandal of September 15, when it was revealed that they bought a mansion in Miami Beach that was owned by the actress and singer Cher, located at number 46 La Gorce Circle, in the exclusive community of La Gorce Island, in Miami Beach, Florida, in the United States, "they bought one on Isla de la Gorce, Miami, an apartment in New York and now the residence appears in Pinecrest, Florida, for which they paid 126 million pesos."

"They did many things. We never understood how they spent so much, if only he had income, because she has not received for many years," she said about the former host of the "Ventaneando" program on Tv Azteca.

Where is she?

The TvNotas source denied knowing where Inés and her husband are, but they do know that on these dates she communicated with her family using disposable cell phones so that they would not trace the calls and could locate them.

"It's a shame. She assures that she is not a criminal, but the behavior she has had and the way she hides from her says the opposite. No one has been able to find her."

She stressed that since her problems began, she has moved the money to accounts of friends and relatives, in addition to the fact that she has changed the name of some properties and companies.

To support herself, eat and live from day to day, she confessed, "someone accompanies them and takes the money they need." She said that she knows that this person had money transferred to a special account for her to take care of everything related to money and transactions.

On December 7 of last year, Doña Tita Bravo, mother of Javier Díaz, ex-husband of Inés "N", 38, revealed that she believes that she and Víctor are hiding in the Dominican Republic.

The last thing she knew was that they were in the Dominican Republic, but I cannot guarantee that they are still there. What I can say is that where my grandchildren are, Javier will go for them, "she said in an interview with TV Notes.

Regarding the current husband of Inés "N", Víctor Manuel "N", the former mother-in-law of the

The former driver confessed that she knows him because before she went out with Inés "N" she invited one of her daughters out, but there was never anything formal between them, "because very shady things were said about him."

--- Like what?

--- It is known that Víctor has bribed, laundered money and done illegal business, but he has also kidnapped and even ordered the death of a person, only that only one media outlet dared to say so.

He stressed that he is the one who launders money because his mentor and ex-partner taught him, because he also "likes men," he said and accused Inés of paying dearly for her ambition, "because before she did not have those luxuries nor was she a socialite."

What did he do?

On September 15, 2021, Animal Politico reported that the Gómez-Mont-Álvarez Puga couple were being investigated by the Attorney General's Office (FGR) for embezzlement, money laundering and tax evasion, for 2.9 billion pesos.

That he bought a 1,064-square-meter mansion costing 15.5 million dollars, in Miami Beach that was owned by actress and singer Cher, located at 46 La Gorce Circle, built in 1953 and currently has 3 floors, has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a guest house, gym, bar, office, swimming pool, gardens, patios, parking and fountains.

According to the documents found by Animal Politico in public records of the state of Florida, Gómez-Mont and Álvarez Puga bought this property through proxies and owned it between December 2017 and December 2020.

Gómez-Mont and Álvarez Puga purchased this house in December 2017 through the business name LaGorce 64 LLC. It cost 15.5 million dollars which, at the exchange rate of the time, would have paid around 294.5 million pesos. Three years later, in December 2020, that company resold the property for 17 million dollars (340 million Mexican pesos at the exchange rate of that year).

The administrator of the company that owned the mansion for three years, LaGorce 64 LLC, is Jonathan Choghi, who is also administrator of the company VAP Jade Corp, founded by Álvarez Puga, who was its president until 2019, according to records. corporations in the state of Florida.

The representative of the company LaGorce 64 LLC is Claudia Pretelt, a personal friend of Gómez Mont. Both companies were dissolved this year and no longer have commercial activities.

A condominium located at 40 West 55th Street, in Manhattan, New York, in the name of Álvarez Puga, was also found, according to New York real estate records. This property located with number 7C has a debt of 15 thousand 565 dollars for taxes.

"The existence of this Álvarez Puga property had already been revealed by The New York Times, in February 2015, in a report in which it was established that other Mexicans had bought luxurious condominiums in the same building, including PRI governors. José Murat and Fidel Herrera, through their relatives," said Animal Politico.

The Cherubs Case

Political Animal reported that it had access to a federal investigation, named "Caso Querubines", which points to Álvarez Puga and Gómez-Mont as beneficiaries of the diversion of 2 thousand 950 million pesos operated from the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), through one thousand 446 banking operations to triangulate and launder resources. Armando Álvarez Puga, the accused's brother, would have participated in the framework.

This operation was discovered due to the fraudulent award of two contracts granted in August and October 2016 by the Decentralized Administrative Body for Prevention and Social Readaptation (OADPRS), dependent on Segob, whose head at that time was Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, gave the company Seguridad Privada Cibernética Intelligence SA de CV, which would sell to the C4 of the OADPRS an interconnection program of 7 federal prisons.

The OADPRD, which administers the federal prisons, paid 2.95 billion pesos to the company Seguridad Privada Cibernética Intelligence SA de CV, which was qualified by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) as a Company that Invoices Simulated Operations (EFOS). say, an "invoicing" company.

After obtaining the two contracts, the money was distributed among 4 "invoicing" companies that later transferred the money back to the "invoicing" companies: Modemo SA de CV; and Innovación Arromlop SA de CV; Engineering and Architecture Tangamanga SA de CV; Creation and Modifications Gardel SA de CV; Comcelint SA de CV; Rangel SA de CV and Gupea Construcciones SA de CV, created a few weeks apart, between February 18 and May 12, 2016 and with fiscal domiciles located in private homes, abandoned works and vacant lots.

The Treasury detected that these 7 companies carried out more than a thousand money laundering operations and issued hundreds of false invoices and, finally, it was transferred to the accounts of Álvarez Puga and Gómez-Mont, who, according to the authorities cited by Animal Politico, would have charged a commission for "laundering" public money.

He pointed out that, between October 31 and December 1, 2016, the company Grupea Construcciones SA de CV transferred almost 3 million pesos to the Álvarez Puga-Gómez-Mont couple that would have come out of Segob's coffers.

In addition, he discovered that a natural person, included in the blacklist of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), had Álvarez Puga on his "payroll" and had paid him 1,376,000 pesos as an "employee".

On September 10, 2021, the FGR obtained an arrest warrant against Álvarez Puga and Gómez-Mont, but, according to local media, they are fugitives from justice because they fled to the United States and hope that Interpol will soon issue the red card for their arrest. capture.

Álvarez Puga and Sergio Castro López are experts in creating "invoicing" and "outsourcing" companies at the service of the government to make false invoices and loot the SAT. Castro López is known as "the king of outsourcing in Mexico," journalist Zedryk Raziel, from Animal Politico, told the Gossip No Like program.

On October 19, 2021, El Universal announced that Inés "N" registered her name and brand with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) to obtain profits for offering educational, sports, entertainment, cultural, legal and to market jewelry, clothing, footwear and hats.

"In file 2222491, a copy of which is held by El Universal, it details that he submitted his request to the public body on June 18, 2019 and 5 months later, on November 7, the public body gave him the concession for 10 years, that is, until June 18, 2029 for the commercialization of legal services, security for the protection of material goods and people, as well as personal services," he said.

The registration allows the Inés Gómez-Mont brand to offer "social services provided by third parties to satisfy individual needs".

Another file, 1315585, detailed that on October 9, 2012, he filed another application and 4 months later he was given a 10-year trademark concession to market his name in precious metals and their alloys, such as products made with these minerals or plated. and in jewelry, costume jewelry, watches and chronometric instruments.

In two other files, 2222489 and 2222490, dated 2019, she registered her full name to offer educational, entertainment, sports, cultural activities and clothing, footwear and hats.

On August 1, 2017, the foundation that bears her name sought the concession for the brand and the logo, but initially the IMPI rejected the application for the brand rights because there was a legal impediment, since the name of the former driver of television was already registered and there was no express consent for its registration, on the part of the aforementioned.

So, Inés "N" granted the rights to use her name and the foundation had the concession for 10 years, which will expire in 2027.