Best Heavy Bowgun builds for Monster Hunter Rise


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Andres Ruiz@Anderlafont

We continue with ranged weapons in our guides on the best Monster Hunter Rise builds, and the Heavy Bowgun trades mobility for damage. In the previous installment it was one of the most unbalanced weapons, although in this one it has lost a lot of steam compared to the light version.

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If you want to know what their best builds are for each point in the story, you've come to the right place.

These are the best builds for the Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise

The first thing to specify are the stages in which you will change your build:

  1. Village Quests from 1 to 4 stars
  2. Village quests from 4 to 6 stars.
  3. Online up to rank 7.
  4. Online range 8-40.
  5. Online 40-100.
  6. Best build of the last patch.

Village quests from 1 to 4 stars

At first you are going to suffer a bit when you get used to using the weapon, and that is that the Heavy Crossbows are probably one of the weapons that most depends on the jewels to get chicha.

You get Cadence 2, Normal/Salvo + 1, Critical Eye 1 and Special Shot 1.

4-6 Star Village Quests

You will have to learn to position yourself wisely, and move A LOT with the chordoptera

For these later solo missions, you're going to get quite a few tools to make your dodges a bit more effective, as well as keeping the two pieces of the Bnahabra set to control that recoil a bit.

You get Cadence 2, Evasive Distance 2, Break Parts 1, Windbreak 1 and Evasive Interval 1.

Online up to rank 7

The philosophy seen in other weapons is maintained: Critical eye as the main attribute. In this case, you'll want to use armor-piercing ammo, which should have an easy time breaking parts of monsters.

Get Critical Eye 6, Piercing+ 3, Ice Attack 1, Anti-Stun 1, Anti-Tremor 1, and Quick Recovery 1.

online range 8-40

At this point, Rakna-Kadaki's crossbow is amazing, especially if you use slashing and piercing ammo. The skills focus on maximizing that damage and breaking parts of the monster with your shots.

You get Attack 5, Piercing + 3, Reload 3, Cadence 3, Anti-Stun 3, Breaker 3, Tamer 3, Normal/Salvage + 1 and Balance Enhancement 1.

Online 40-100

If you manage to prevent the monster from taking agro, you will destroy it

The only change from the previous one is that you will now be able to get the last crossbow of the Rakna-Kadaki branch, increasing your damage by keeping all the bonuses from the previous step.

You get Attack 5, Piercing + 3, Reload 3, Cadence 3, Anti-Stun 3, Breaker 3, Tamer 3, Normal/Salvage + 1 and Balance Enhancement 1.

Best build of the latest patch

We went with this slashing and piercing ammo build, which takes everything that was great about the previous rank and makes it even better with new gear and gems. You will keep the Rakna-Kadaki weapon, saving for that part.

You get Attack 5, Piercing+ 3, Anti-Stun 3, Reload 3, Cadence 3, Anti-Stun 3, Tamer 3, Weak Point 3, Critical Boost 3, Latent Power 1, and Dragon Heart 1.

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