MasQi and Sierra Calderona in Audi Q2

A path to personal wellness

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Peter Wood

The Sierra de la Calderona, between the Palancia and Turia rivers, is one of the jewels of the Valencian Community. Its aromatic Mediterranean atmosphere is ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities, but also for exploring the Campo del Turia or Alto Palanca regions by car. A route through the Sierra Calderona, just thirty kilometers from Valencia, can relieve anyone's ills.

The new Audi Q2 is perfect for touring towns, roads and that feeling of tranquility that quality products give.

The Sierra Calderona is an example of a balanced life and a place to seek our new well-being. That is why we can use the Hotel MasQi as a base of operations – The Energy House is the perfect example of that change of energies that we are looking for.

This hotel built in a 19th-century farmhouse, located in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, offers relaxation, activities and varied, relaxing and fun wellness programs for everyone. The area itself is already a true point of reference when it comes to hiking and outdoor sports, but what the hotel offers us is certainly capable of competing even with the surrounding nature. If Sierra Mariola proliferates species with medicinal and aromatic properties, also suitable for Alicante gastronomy, it is for a reason.

But this is a hotel and we cannot forget its eight rooms, all of them different but carefully decorated in a Zen style that also invites you to relax, where the style of its owner Sonia Ferre is noticeable.

This hotel is ideal for lovers of meditation or yoga, but above all for those who want to break the daily rhythm. Urbanites eager to disconnect teach us to meditate and relax thanks to their program of massages and other therapies, designed to alleviate or eliminate stress and everything that we drag from our daily lives.

Its founder, Sonia Ferre, has personally taken care that nothing is lacking here to imbue us with a new energy, and if that includes erecting a dome in the garden to practice yoga, then go ahead.

But MasQi's mastery is also demonstrated in the kitchen. His macrobiotic food restaurant is capable of attracting converts to these new gastronomic forms. Health does not have to do without flavor, and this is demonstrated in dishes such as cannelloni in sauce, pumpkin carpaccio, healthy and balanced but delicious dishes. The restaurant even offers themed lunches or dinners, and therefore fits perfectly into the philosophy of life that MasQi proposes. Healthy but not hungry.

The getaway in the area has many surprises. Initially we approach Banyeres, with its Arab castle crowning the city from a promontory, it is a medieval jewel full of Valencian tradition and culture. Here they dress by the feet, we could say, since you can visit the espadrille museum, which reveals all the secrets of this typical footwear.

The Cavaller fountain, in the middle of the urban fabric of the town, and the municipal laundry will help us imbue ourselves with the Moorish and Christian atmosphere of this beautiful town in the mountains. We cannot forget to visit the Route of the mills, which joins the three best-known structures of Banyeres, three mills on the Vinalopó River that provided trade and work to the inhabitants of Banyeres for many centuries.

In addition to the benefits of Valencia itself, the proper thing is to seek the tranquility and rural atmosphere of towns such as Estivella, which already places us at the foot of the mountains itself. Here is the viewpoint of Pico del Garbí, which puts us in a situation and shows us what lies before us. Another essential on the N-234 itself is Segart, a mountain town that serves as the entry point for many hiking trails through the mountains (also famous for its paellas or its delicious gypsy arm). Do not miss the castle or the church of La Purisima. Our Audi Q2 allows us to stroll and hit the roads in comfort.

Our journey continues along the A-23 towards the sea and towards Sagunto, capital of the Campo de Murviedro region, and where a rich Roman past is revealed to us. From its castle at the top of the Sierra Calderona we can see a large part of the path traveled and the rich Valencian environment. The Jewish quarter or historic center of the city takes us back to the medieval past of Sagunto, before relaxing on the beaches that go directly to the Balearic Sea. Our route to the south passes through Valencia itself, but our body asks for a town. Municipalities such as Alcira or Játiva cross our path on the A-7 and it is a good option to forget about the big city. Cradle of the Borgia popes, this land of rich rice offers areas of high ecological value such as the Cova Negra Municipal Natural Park, which reveals the prehistoric past in the Valencian community, and the precious forests of the Rivera, where we once again appreciate the enormous variety of species in this picturesque area.