'Resident Evil: Village': Suspense and terror have returned [ANALYSIS]

We are sure that many gamers have been waiting for the release of ‘Resident Evil: Village’. That is why, thanks to the fact that Capcom sent us a copy of this title, we have developed an analysis of everything we can find in this video game, and whether it is worth it. or not to buy it.'Resident Evil: Village': The Horror and Suspense Are Back [REVIEW] 'Resident Evil: Village': Suspense and Horror Are Back [REVIEW]


The first thing that can be said is that this installment turns out to be the most ambitious, so much so that its development started something after 'Resident Evil VII' , so the continuation of this game was more than assured. And if we compare this new video game with the previous one, we are going to notice a qualitative leap from the beginning, especially with the scenarios that we will see and new elements.


Moving on to its narrative, 'Resident Evil: Village' is a direct continuation of what has been seen in 'Resident Evil VII' , but best of all, thanks to this video game, solutions will be given to various questions that were left unfinished in the previous game. But I will not delve much into this section, nor the bosses we will have to face, nor the bond of our character with the others, this so as not to ruin the surprises for anyone, although I must point out that personally 'Resident Evil: Village' could be among the best in the franchise.

And this installment has everything, even improving the change seen in 'Resident Evil VII', although it maintains the same mechanics as this one. But that's not all, since this installment enjoys an excellent game rhythm in the approximate eleven to twelve hours that it may take to complete it, although it seems that they were twice as long, and this is due to all that we have to do in order to survive. 'Resident Evil: Village' doesn't have any filler moments at all, even more so with all those 'Resident Evil IV' details it has, although not with that same degree of excessive action that was seen in that installment. Here, everything is serious and dark, and a healthy recommendation is to play it with good headphones and at night.


On the other hand, 'Resident Evil: Village' offers a very striking. It is true, this title is not an open world, but everything we can see and enjoy resembles it perfectly. And it is that the number of doors that we will open, and others that will not, will be enormous in number, and we will always be looking for that key or element that allows us to open them together with the surprises that we will come across behind them. As a plus to this, the universe of this title complements very well with the graphic section of the game, which uses the engine 'RE Engine' , which shines in the PlayStation 5 version and is rare. time low of sixty frames per second at 4K resolution with ray tracing and HDR.

'Resident Evil: Village': The suspense and terror have returned [REVIEW]

Another interesting detail of this installment is the large number of alternate missions and 'puzzles' or puzzles that we will be able to develop, quite apart from the main plot of the game, which will also allow us to obtain juicy rewards such as jewelry, pieces to improve our weapons or objects to exchange with the vendor on duty, 'The Duke'.


Like every installment of the franchise, there is always that need to try to eliminate any enemy in front of us, even if one A healthy recommendation is moderation, try to avoid them and escape, although the title itself is designed to clear all areas, even more so when reviewing our maps we will see complete and incomplete areas, colored blue and red, respectively.

The variety of enemies has been very good, including of course the bosses that we will have to face. And it is that each one will have their own motivations and styles together with their respective areas or 'houses', which will keep a very characteristic style of each one, such as 'exploration' or 'action' , for example. The artificial intelligence that this installment offers us is outstanding and the character we will play, 'Ethan' , arrives with a greater personality than in the previous installment. Details aside, once the title is finished we can access the 'Mercenaries' mode.


Now, 'Resident Evil: Village' is not perfect and there are points to keep present One of these is the detail of the environments, which, although they have a great finish, are not destroyed; or on the other hand, the non-localization of the title to our region, since although we can play it in different languages, only Spanish (Spain) will be available.


‘Resident Evil: Village’ is a great title, and highly replayable. If you are lovers of the franchise, of action, suspense and horror games, you should not miss it for anything. It delivers on everything promised, and while some details were revealed in the various trailers released, this installment is a must-buy for either the previous or current generation.

The analysis of ‘Resident Evil: Village’ has been developed thanks to a copy for PlayStation sent by Capcom.


• PLATFORM: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC


• GENRE: Action, Shooting, Horror, Suspense


• SCORE: 9.3

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