Parfois brings a tradition of the richest families in Spain to all budgets

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  • Do you want to have your own personalized jewelry? Parfois has the collection you've been waiting for

    By Cristian Morales

    Jewelry has always been synonymous with elegance and class. Although there are more and more brands that are putting out very cheap jewelry collections, years ago they were not suitable for all budgets. The wealthiest wore gold rings, necklaces, bracelets or watches with diamonds.

    It was a touch of class enough to tell who was first class and who was third. Now many 'low cost' brands create their own collections within the reach of all budgets.

    Tous, Pandora or Parfois are some of those that have managed to reach a wide audience, especially due to their quality/price ratio. Their designs make everyone fall in love and the good thing is that you can get them at very cheap prices.

    Parfois brings a tradition to all budgets of the richest families in Spain

    But the wealthiest families had a particularity to distinguish themselves from the rest and it was not only wearing jewelry with several zeros. It was very typical to design them to taste.

    All of them with the letters of the person's name or the initial of their first and last name. In this way they were unique and no one could appropriate them.

    Parfois has the jewels most desired by influencers

    Parfois has taken on this decades-old family tradition and has launched a new collection of jewels that will please everyone. As in those days, now it is possible to have your jewelery personalized, be it bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings.

    Parfois has designed all of them with each of the initials, so that you can form your own name. There are 27 different ones.

    Letters on jewelry are a hit ever since we've seen so many celebrities and influencers go by their own names, like Rosalía and Kylie Jenner.

    Among all the Parfois products in this collection, we can find the short customizable gold-plated 925 silver necklace. It is ordered with the letters of your name or the person you want. It is sold from 35.99 euros, the price varies according to the request.

    The rings in this collection also sell like foam. We can find rings of the smallest size from 5.99 euros, necklaces for 19.99 euros or the most expensive and customizable.

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