I want a paper pandora

Choiring among them is the trend of women who have a Pandora bracelet.At parties, a corner is agreed to talk about the particular meaning of each charms that have them adhered. Family and friends proudly exhibit their pandoras full of charms.But none of them has a paper.

I don't understand.How is it possible to make a more expensive paper bracelet than precious metals or leather and cotton.

The bracelet and pandora charms

Pandora bracelets are manufactured for women.However, there are men who never leave their homes without putting their own.

Giving a pandora bracelet to a woman means giving a jewel so you can tell her own story to the trees of the charms.The charms are pending that adhere to the bracelet.You can choose them in silver, leather, gold or cotton.Equal the charms.Except in leather or cotton.

The goldsmiths per and winnie enevoldson founded the company in 1982, in Copenhagen.At first the business was to import jewelry from Thailand.Then they went from simple merchants to wholesale distributors.In 2005 they opened a jewelry factory in Thailand.Today is one of the main jewelry stores.Dance of Cartier and Tiffany companies.

The bracelet fans flaunt with the quantity and type of charms that are adding time in time.

Quiero una Pandora de Papel

Pandora's paper pandora or papers

The silver, gold, leather and cotton pandora is known for a long time.But the paper never heard of her.How odd.A paper bracelet.

Yes, now talk about Pandora papers.Could it be that the pandora factory went to paper?It's possible.It is remembered that the nokia pass from wood to cell phones.

Why suddenly Pandora's papers became so popular?

Days ago the media talk about Pandora's papers.The more I read about them, the more I confuse.I don't even know if a bracelet or a simple role.

But because of the way in which a very special role must be.A damp -resistant role, to the rigors of time and, who knows what other risks are resisting.

The role of pandoras in vogue has mystery.Even if you talk wherever you want those papers, no one can say that you have seen them.

In the news, the newspapers and panels of economic analysis, they give as a fact that Pandora's papers are profitable.It is commented, in a low voice that, if you buy one, two or three, regardless of the amount, the payment of taxes is saved.

The current government discusses a tax reform in the country.Specialists say it is a tax reform that they propose.What matters if it is a tax, tax, or other indoles.What matters is that the poor will pay more taxes.

Does this mean that after the reform there will be more people buying their paper pandoras?

It is also said that there are even presidents from other countries that bought their paper pandoras.And since the Dominicans are always "Alante-Allante", Luis Abinader bought his own.

To close I tell you what starting this week I was stunned by something I read in a digital newspaper.

The report said the Chilean Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation to President Sebastián Piñera for buying Pandora papers.Chileans are not easy, nor does the president save them.

The Dominicans are more prudent and respectful of our authorities.

Anyway, I am interested in knowing if the paper pandora is a bracelet.Know if they adhere charms and, if these are also paper.

I remain as confused as in the beginning.I ask:

Is it possible that I can buy a paper pandora with the three thousand pesos that I have saved?

I want a pandora.But not leather or cotton, not silver or gold.I want paper