Basic Piercing in the style of Rania and Amelia Windsor: How to take it?What forms favor the most?

Otros ejemplos de ello son dos actrices españolas: Blanca Suárez y María Pedraza. Afines a la firma y con más de dos agujeros por oreja, que lucen con orgullo en cada alfombra roja. “También vemos en alfombras gente que lleva dos pendientes más pequeños y luego un septum más sofisticado”, afirma Suárez. Las opciones son infinitas y se está normalizando el uso de piercings -siempre joya y elegantes- en los entornos más sofisticados.Guía básica del piercing al estilo de Rania y Amelia Windsor: ¿cómo llevarlo? ¿qué formas favorecen más?

Las tendencias

The most common places when making a piercing, according to Juan Suárez, "depend on the anatomy of the client and his tastes", but lately the Wonderland team is seeing a trend in the tastes of the clients for stooping in twoDetermined places: the lobe and the Hélix.The latter is that of the part with cartilage and semicircular of the edge of the ear and "where according to anatomy the jewels look better".Although Conch and tragus are from the team's favorites and more and more are the people who dare with those areas.

Guía básica del piercing al estilo de Rania y Amelia Windsor: ¿cómo llevarlo? ¿qué formas favorecen más?

The most demanded are those of gold and diamonds.There are hoop, Pavé style, in the form of small motifs such as golden triangles or other more striking flower -shaped layers, which combine white or yellow layers of gold with others of diamonds, for a spectacular result.

If on the contrary, minimalism is the pleasure that prevails, there are adequate options for these types of people, such as small smooth hoops or small white gold, yellow or pink figures polished and without artifice.For the most daring, the options with sapphires, rubies or emeralds - which sometimes also include diamonds - are perfect to add a touch of color to the styling.