The jewel bag is now more trend than ever (and these are the most desired models)

The jewel bag is now more trend than ever (and these are the most desired models)

The jewel bag is now more trend than ever (and these are the most desired models)

There has hardly been a catwalk that has resisted the festive spirit.We have seen collections full of brightness, countless sequin pants, elegant night dresses, metallic jewel effect boots and, above all, a lot of glitter.Gucci, Burberry, Coperni, Isabel Marant, Chanel, Balmain, Louis Vuiton, Saint Laurent or, of course, Paco Rabanne are just some of the firms that support at the blow of epatantes looks this current coinciding and making this trend asOne of the most important of the season.

For all this, it is not surprising that the bags of the season also respond to these aesthetic codes.In addition to considering as an accessory to take into account in daylight, jewel bags, with strass, sequins or small crystal appliques now charge special relevance with the arrival of looks designed for Christmas holidays.

These bags come willing to remember, precisely, that they are an accessory that can completely transform a look, which in addition to their practicality can act as a real jewel and that perhaps, it is better to invest in a rhinestones bag than to do it in a dress.

How to combine jewel bags according to the best dressed in the 'street style'

El bolso joya es ahora más tendencia que nunca (y estos son los modelos más deseados)

The options are endless but, one of the favorite, goes through these appetizing bags with basic closet bottom garments in neutral colors, such as black dresses or American or raising very casual styles formed by jeans.Also, on the other side, they also sneak into composing the perfect maximalist look accompanying festive garments.

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The celebrity that inspires us to show off this trend

One of the many trends that unite Carrie Bradshaw yesterday and today has been the jewel bag.While in 2003 the sex character in New York wore one with crystal appliques, in 2021 Carrie opted for one of the most special Baguette versions.

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The most desired 'Strass' bag models

Of course, the popularity of the brightest bags has grown, in part, thanks to some specific models.Among the most viral of Street Style and those who occupy the most Christmas wishlists we find the Nylon style of Prada with crystals, Alexander Wang's Wangloc or

PradaMinibolso de satén con cristales artificialespradaprada.com1,30 €ComprarAlexander Wangmedium Wangloc rhinestone-embellished clutch bagAlexander Wangfarfetch.com695,00 $ComprarMangoBolso strassMango49,99 €ComprarMytheresaSwipe Mini embellished shoulder,00 €ComprarPULLBandolera portamóvil abaloriospullandbear.com15,99 €ComprarContenidos relacionadosBolso 'spaguetti': el nuevo bolso viralBolso peluche: el accesorio imprescindible del año10 bolsos para regalar estas navidades This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at