Lady Di's example: What did the princess live after leaving the royal family?

Cuando Lady Di se separó (y posteriormente se divorció) del príncipe Carlos empezó una nueva vida a todos los niveles: personal, sentimental, 'laboral' y, por supuesto, económico. Separada de la familia real inglesa, a la que después de firmar los papeles solo le unían los pequeños Harry y Guillermo, la princesa del pueblo pudo hacer una vida más acorde a lo que ella había soñado, siempre y cuando los paparazzi no truncaban sus deseos. El ejemplo de Lady Di: ¿de qué vivió la princesa tras salir de la familia real? El ejemplo de Lady Di: ¿de qué vivió la princesa tras salir de la familia real?

The princes of Wales separated in 1992 but it was not up to four years later that both parties signed the definitive divorce roles.By then, Diana had already made sure she would not be missing, neither her nor her own, for the rest of her life.Little could imagine that life would actually be so short.

When Diana died in that fateful car accident, on a warm Night of August Parisina, she was 36 years old and a heritage of approximately 20 million euros (of those of 1997, which with the inflation rate would mean about 30 million today).

A large break

Geoffrey Bignell was responsible for Carlos Financial Affairs in those years.He was also in charge of carrying out the economic terms of his divorce.He himself declared to the English newspaper 'Telegraph' that the prince had to sell his entire investment portfolio to be able.They asked me to liquidate everything, all their investments, so that I could give it cash.I was very unhappy with that ".

El ejemplo de Lady Di: ¿de qué vivió la princesa tras salir de la familia real?

Although Prince Carlos wins 12 million pounds a year with his heritage from the Duca de Cornualles, the heir to the throne cannot sell the property and, therefore, did not have enough money in his reserves to finance the divorce.He had to ask for money from his mother to be able to face the total payment."That was when I stopped being his financial advisor because he had no personal wealth," said Bignell.

The divorce conditions were not over there: an annual payment of about half a million euros was stipulated and was allowed to keep his apartment in the Kensington Palace, under the terms of "Home for the Princess and her two children".So Diana saved a good piquito in London rents or having to buy a property, which is already an important saving taking into account that the English capital is among the most expensive in the world.Some sources also indicate that before the divorce was executed, the princess received an annual 'salary' that was around one million euros.

The Diana business

This must be added that he was allowed to stay with all the jewels he accumulated during his marriage, with the exception of the Tiara of the Cambridge Lover knot, that Elizabeth gave him as a wedding gift after using it only once.He is now in possession of the queen and lent her to the Duchess of Cambridge in 2015 and 2016.This great collection included tiaras, diamonds, sapphires, rings and necklaces.

So when Princess Diana left the British royal house, her financial situation was not only buoyant, but was more than insured.Become a celebrity larger than any of the Royal members, generated profits but destined for any of the humanitarian causes for which he lent his image.Likewise, some of their dresses were auctioned to raise funds with this same function.

In any case, fate did not give room to know if Diana would have had to 'work' seriously to be able to take the life train he was carrying.In any case, both his personal fortune and his relationship with Dodi al-Fayed, heir to one of the greatest fortunes on the planet, did not presage that Diana had anything to worry about, at least, on the economic level.