What can we do with the 'patchwork'? - Chic Chic

This decorative technique has endless applications. With some skill and good ideas you will obtain incredible, original and unique results with which to decorate objects and even build them from scratch yourself. We tell you what the 'patchwork' consists of and what to do with it.

Probably not all of you know what patchwork is, so let's start here. This English word comes to mean "patchwork" or something made with patchwork. You may remember a movie in which women sat around a table to weave a patchwork quilt. Well, apparently there are groups of women and collectives that are dedicated to doing it together in their free time, thus becoming a meeting point in which to exchange tips, advice and ideas.

This is a very creative technique, although for a good result precision is required to cut and assemble the different pieces of fabric that will form the final object. But it is nothing that cannot be achieved with practice. The bedspread or 'quilt' is the object par excellence that represents the 'patchwork', since it is the most used. You can also make tablecloths, mobile or computer covers, customize the towels or the toiletry bag, as we have verified on the Hogar Útil website. Some paintings or tapestries to which applications have been added have caught our attention, so that we have an original painting at the entrance where we can hang the keys. In the bedroom, it can be converted into a charming wall-mounted jewelery box and even a perfect coat rack for the smallest bedroom, as long as heavy things are not hung on it.

What can we do with the 'patchwork '? - Chic Chic

The photo you see also offers us another idea, since with this decorative technique we can cover chairs, armchairs and even an entire sofa. Although you have to dedicate time to it at first, the result is definitely worth it, especially since it is something personal that you will have made yourself, with a unique design that no one else will have. The tools you need are: pins, a sewing machine, an iron, a ruler to measure, something to cut (knife or scissors) and the patchwork fabrics. These fabrics are usually cotton but you can also play with different textures and materials. Do you dare?