How to know if it is white gold or silver simplely

Ada Funes

White gold is a combination of pure gold with other metals such as nickel or paladium.Instead, silver is a transition metal that is usually mixed with metals such as copper to make jewels.Its composition is very different, but at first glance they can resemble a lot.

Therefore, we help you differentiate a white gold chain from another silver.Or any other jewel, whether pending white gold, alliances or bracelets.Pay attention, we will answer the following question: can you distinguish between white or silver gold, with simple tricks?At the end of the article, you will surely find your conclusion.

How to know if it's white gold

First, according to the Association of Watersheds: "The jewels with 999 mm (two4 kts) gold (two4 kts).They are testimonial, metal with that purity is very ductile, there is no industrial production in that purity.Expressing the Metal Law in thousandths is to comply with the Law of Precious Metals 17/1985 and we will not confuse the generalist public to read it since it is also a weight measure of precious stones (weight measures are expressed in carats with “Q Q Q", Nothing has to do with" K ", and fine gold is always yellow)".

In addition: "Instead of combining the right thing would be to alloy, the alloys are the product of melting several metals with established proportions, the Germanio is also used in jewelry for its color, but in jewelry bibliography I have not found any reference that wasImplée in any alloy.(Silver Sterling or Silver Sterlina is a commercial denomination, it must simply be called 1st law as long as it has 9two5 thousandths of purity) ".

How to know if it's white gold o plata de forma sencilla

These are the main differences that we can find to differentiate a white gold jewel from a silver.However, we find that, according to the Association of Alhaws, there is only one type of official contrast, and the specialists must do it:

Other factors must also be taken into account:

Methods to distinguish white and silver gold

There are some methods, but we must remember that they are not infallible when distinguishing white gold from silver, again, according to the Association of Alhajas appraisers.

1.If you leave stains on your skin

"The pH of the sweat of each person will greatly influence the alteration that will produce in silver, in white gold no."

two.Paper sheet test

"Like other materials used in jewelry, it is not decisive (if the silver wears a rhodium or platinum bath will not leave any brand)."

3.You can try a powerful magnet

"There are white gold alloys that are not attracted to the magnet because it does not contain nickel in its composition, the majority."

4.Immerse the jewel in water

"Differentiating the speed with which white gold or silver falls in the glass of water is note.It is not based absolutely on any technical or scientific evidence."

5.Vinegar test

"One max.Take note: vinegar is no suitable element to clean jewelry ".

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