False myths about cosmetics: experts respond

Have you ever wondered if you know everything about the Beauty world?Do you think the theories we all know are really true?Although 86% of the Spanish Airma take care of themselves to feel better and that we use 11 products every day, there are still many things that we do not know or that we are certain but they are not.We know that the list could be endless, but we have selected some of the most widespread beliefs so that, from now on, you are clear about what you should take into account when pampering your skin.To do this, we have the help of several experts who have disassembled all these false myths.Attentive!

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- The more expensive the cream is, the better its effects ✗ "The effectiveness of a dermocosmetic treatment is given by its composition, how it has been formulated or the quality of its ingredients.So neither the price, nor the brand, nor who sells it to you, has anything to do with this truth, "says the pharmacist Mar Sieira.

- Facial oils cause acne ✗ "provided they are quality oils, first cold pressure, they are very related to our own hydrolypid mantle, since many contain omega 3, 6 and 9.Jojoba oil, for example, balances the sebaceous glands in mixed and fat skin and, combined with tea tree essential oil that is a powerful bactericidal and antimicrobial, significantly improves this type of skins, "says Nuria Torijano, a specialist in treatmentsof therapeutic beauty and Chinese medicine."The problem is refined oils and petroleum derived that have a high degree of skin toxicity and plug and obstruct it.I am in love with oils and I have seen really surprising changes in skin skins, we must let us advise us with the right oils, there is a lot of variety and thousands of combinations ".

- I don't need creams, I'm still young ✗ "Youth takes in the spirit, but friend ... Your skin is not immune to the passage of time.Luckily, there are products that cover the specific needs of the skin not only according to our age, but also of our biological characteristics.eye!The ideal moment to start a beauty routine is 20 years, "says Elena Ramos, a pharmacist, an expert in dermocosmetic and co-director of The Secret Lab.

- We must avoid cosmetics that carry acid ✗ "The word acid can lead us to think that it is best to keep them away from our skin due to their high irritating power and photosensitivity problems that can cause.Nothing is further from reality.Acids are traditionally used in cosmetics due to their renovating and exfoliating function, since they help correct wrinkles and provide luminosity to the skin.Therefore, they are acidic for all types of skins, except the very sensitive.From the age of 30 we can use them, being the best time of the year winter and the best moment of day the night ", is the advice that Pilar Pérez, director of training of Lierac, Phyto and Jowaé.

- Fat skin does not have to use moisturizers ✗ "It is a false myth based on the sensation that people with fatty skin have, which is afraid of the fact that when products are applied to the skin they may appear granites," explains Cristina Castillo, Pharmaceutical and Product Manager of Eau Thermale Avène."You have to remember that when applying a moisturizer what we contribute is water, a fundamental component for the protective function of the skin to be well formed.What is true is that, in the case of fatty skins, the moisturizing creams they have to use must be very light, with a free and not fat oil texture ".

Falsos mitos sobre cosmética: los expertos responden

- There are creams that reduce pores ✗ "No...The pores are the ones that are, and they are as they are.Of course, masks and substances such as salicylic acid will keep them very clean, and their appearance will hide, looking smaller, "says the pharmaceutical sea Sieira.

- Homemade or natural cosmetics are better ✗ "It is not true, since processes of review, sterilization and control of the amount of the active substance that administrations such as that of the European Union do not pass.They must be products that are always made in the laboratory and whose principles are vehiculized so that they really penetrate in the appropriate doses to the deepest layers of the skin ", is the advice that Elisabeth San Gregorio, technical director of Medik8.

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- Vitamin C stains the skin ✗ "in concentrations greater than 10%, has a clarifying and depigmenting effect and brings luminosity to the face.By oxidation of vitamin C yes, pores are dirty, so it is advisable.

- I do not want to exfoliate because I will lose the tan ✗ "If we do not eliminate dead cells, our skin, in addition to looking aged and off, is building a barrier through which the active ingredients that we are applying do not penetrate.It is the closest thing to having a raincoat about our skin.Therefore, it is key to perform a good professional cleaning and maintaining a good routine at home, "says Carmen Navarro, an expert in skin care.

- The glyclic acid cannot be used daily ✗ "yes it can be used, if you choose it correctly and is not very aggressive.When glycolic acid concentrations are low, they can be used daily since treatment is hydration and skin luminosity.Acts as decongestant and antioxidant and moisturizing.To these low concentrations it is not irritating, "says the pharmaceuticals Meritxell Martí.

- You just have to clean your skin if you make up ✗ "even if you go out with the street with your face washed and freshly combed, the skin is very dirty.During the day, for the pollution and stress of the great city and, at night, due to sebaceous secretion.So, make up or not ... cleaning is not negotiable, "says Elena Ramos, pharmacist, expert in dermocosmetic and co-director of The Secret Lab.

- Prevent skin diseases and photo leading is only a matter of oldSkin, "says Dra.Sandra Cabrera, aesthetic doctor of Clinic Medical Option.

- The more products use, the better ✗ "excess or choosing wrong creams can cause irritation, dryness, alter the levels of hydration or suffocate the skin, and can plug the pore and cause milliums (white cysts), lack of luminosity ... the consequencesThey are endless, although it depends on the type of skin.Less is more if you put experts that make an accurate diagnosis, "says Carmen Navarro.

- Cosmetics parabens are toxic ✗ "are preservative, and are necessary in cosmetics.Do you think that a paraben or the fungus/bacteria that forms in the cosmetic is more toxic by the absence of the parabens?In fact, in addition to being the best preservatives we have, they are the ones that produce the least allergies and are also collected in a cosmetic regulation that approves and controls them before their commercialization, "says the pharmaceutical Mar Sieira.

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- You have to change my cream frequently because it gets used to it and no longer takes effect ✗ "what really changes, are the needs of our skin throughout our lives for multiple reasons, (hormonal changes, changes of the place of residence, age, etc) and that is why we need to apply the creams that agree most depending on our needs, "says Ana Victoria Ugidos, Pharmaceutical and Creator of the Bioxán firm.

- Cosmetics with hyaluronic acid fill the wrinkles ✗ "although many cosmetics are proud to have hyaluronic acid among its ingredients, the truth is that its external application on the skin has no effect, since its molecules are so largeThey are not able to cross the skin barrier, "says Dr. Pilar de Frutos, Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Medical.

- If you have fat skin it is best to clean it with soap ✗ "people with a tendency to have fat skin, they feel that what they need are products that keep it as dry as possible, so many times they choose to clean themselves with aggressive soaps forYour skin that contributes a moment of momentary comfort.When applying this type of soaps or cleaners, what is achieved is a rebound effect because the sebaceous gland with a fat tendency has the message of producing more fat and, when he feels that in the skin something has been taken, unfailingly, unfailinglyproduces more, "says Laura Izquierdo, Chemistry and co -founder of Izba Nature."The ideal is to use fluid cleaning cosmetics, not aggressive for the skin that eliminate impurities and regulate the sebaceous gland without destroying the hydrolypid mantle that is part of our natural protection barrier.Then, it is always necessary to use a balancing tonic that works by providing the hydration that our skin needs, "he adds

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