Don't buy: invest - Alba Vila Lage | Fashion corner - El Progreso de Lugo: Leading newspaper in Lugo and its Province

THE SECOND SALES HAVE STARTED! The auctions have their days numbered and thus the January slope becomes a little less complicated. Always with a head, yes, because one of our resolutions for 2022 is to bet on sustainability and not abuse fast fashion. A goal that we seek to become a habit. Trendy and short-lived clothes do not serve us much more than to wear them once (twice, hopefully) and they will not be part of that selection of garments that have a privileged position in your wardrobe.

For this reason, this new wave of discounts is a perfect opportunity to carry out our purposes, because it is still worth going on sale but being very clear that we must invest in quality garments, which we will continue to use when they are not up to date. First think about what you need and then remember that phrase that you have read so many times on this page: "Less is more". Now keep reading, because we leave you the five most popular options to buy on sale among fashion experts with their feet on the ground.

THE FANTASTIC FIVE. Talking about a good investment and sales is talking about bags and coats. Have you been wanting that luxury bag for years? Well, maybe it's the perfect time, because you know it will last you a lifetime. For example, in Maje they put on sale five years ago a bag with fringes [central image] that conquers women of all types and ages. The M bag is available in different materials, with a starting price of 235 euros. An indisputable classic, what is yours? You will have to spend a little more budget if you choose another of those clothes that you want to continue wearing in the future. Coats are another of the perfect wardrobe items to invest in. A wool coat, with fleece or a good down jacket can fit you well. We continue and make a stop at the cowboys.

The models of this 2022 will be loose, regardless of the type of cut. If you had any on the radar, don't wait for spring and choose a pair of lifelong jeans like Levi's. In El Corte Inglés you can get one for less than 50 euros. Shirts are that other piece that always convince us. They usually adapt to all the trends of the season and we resort to them at any time. Surely you have a very used model that you keep wearing without stopping. Try to locate another one that fulfills the same function. And we end this selection talking about cashmere sweaters, which can be used a lot, that resist the passage of time and that help us every winter to not have a bit of cold. Look for yours and you will triumph these sales