Jaime Bayly: Not for now

The year that ends has been very good for me. He has been benevolent with me because he has forgiven my life, has saved my life. It could not be so, I could get sick from the virus and die. I saw two close friends die from the virus, both minors than me. One was the channel's sales manager, a man full of vitality, energy, optimism, which seemed invulnerable to plague. He was generous with me, he congratulated me when the numbers were good, he was glad when he got new sponsors for the program. He won well, was a successful man, had a family who worshiped him, traveled frequently, drove luxury cars. He suddenly got sick when vaccines were not yet available and in a few days his defenses disintegrated, his resistance collapsed and he died intubated, without being able to say goodbye to his family. No one on the channel could believe that the sales manager had died like this, so suddenly. I was dismayed. I understood that, if I got sick from the virus, I would lose my life, as my friend lost it. A short time later, a doctor who came every night to the channel to give advice so as not to spread the plague. He was also a man of success, fortune, owner of a clinic, in his first fifty. In addition, he was an athlete, climbing, he had climbed the highest mountains. Being the doctor who gave advice not to infect himself, he was unsuspected to infected himself. He because he became ill and died, such was his fate, and in the channel he invaded us again a deep distress and a badly disguised fear of dying.

I took a great scare when one of my daughters, who lives in New York, spread. Luckily she was already vaccinated. She spent two atrocious weeks, decimated by the forces of evil, but she breathed again without obstacles, prevailed, defeated the invading army. My brothers were terrified that our mother, already octogenaria, was infected. She didn't take care of her too much. She left the house without a mask, she said that this pandemic was a Chinese story, she put her health and the circumstances of her death in the hands of God, she affirmed that God took care of her better than any mask or Any vaccine. She was not afraid. She kept doing, within the circumstances, a normal life. My brothers forbade him to travel by plane. That is why I have not been able to see her this year that she ends. She wanted to come to visit us, but her children did not give her permission to travel, they took her passport, hid it, because they discovered that she was plotting a secret trip, hidden from them. Frustrated for not being able to travel, she comforted the parish to hear Mass every morning, to the supermarket, where she talked with the dependents and cashiers, and to the houses of her friends to have tea. God protects me, God takes care of me, if God wants me to go to heaven, I will be fulfilling his will, and if he wants me to continue living, because I will not leave, so I am not afraid of anything, my mother said. And she did not infect. And she didn't die. And it was not easy for my brothers to convince her to get vaccinated, but in the end she surrendered and condemned to be inoculated a vaccine, vaccines, of which she suspected maliciously, in which she did not believe at all. In that sense, the year that ends, having been very good, it could be better, because right now I miss my mother and I wonder if I should travel to spend the Christmas holidays with her and with our numerous family.

We did not want to travel to Christmas with our families because we are afraid to travel, it has once again assaulted the fear of traveling. We had lost it after vaccinating ourselves, and we allowed several happy trips during the summer, taking advantage of our daughter's school holiday Only because of the possibility of infecting ourselves, but also because of the sum of discomforts, annoyance and regret that are inevitable when you fly to another country: exams here before flying, exams there when arriving, exams there before returning home, plus the threat or threat or The danger that the gentlemen who occupy the government in our country of origin resolve overnight close the airport, a frightful trance that my older daughters had to cope with, at the worst time of the pandemic: wanting to leave that country of crazy, an open sky asylum, and not being able to do it, and then stay there weeks, months, without knowing when you can escape from that hell of idiots politicians and Bur foolish ocratas whose first instinct is to confiscate individual freedoms and decide for oneself, as if they knew how to take care of our health better than ourselves.

Jaime Bayly: No por ahora

Thus, we have stayed at home, on this quiet island in which we live, enjoying the good weather, this winter that looks like a joke, while our daughter, on vacation at school, studies with tutors in the morning and for The afternoon, preparing for a very arduous examination that must take the first days of the New Year, an exam that, hopefully, will allow you Island, not for reasons of greed or austerity of us, their parents, but because this school is three blocks from home, and I have always believed that the best school is the one that is closest to your home. Poor the girl, overwhelmed with studies, helped by the tutors, tortured by mathematics and readings, what beating. When my wife has shown me the things that our ten -year -old daughter is study The questions that, forty years ago, had to overcome to enter a university that boasted to be a Catholic, when I used not to remain a Catholic, a university where I wanted to study laws, only to soon understand that the laws in My country was a plúmbea and boring fiction, and that, if I would dedicate myself to fiction Parents would have felt for me, it seemed to me that he was leading the abyss of the misfortune, to the precipice of living a wrong life, and that is why I chose to be a talkative and a writer, or a speech and a scribe, or a charlatan and a Plumiferous, and so bad it went, here we are still, forty years later, speaking and writing, which are two ways to feel alive, to resist death.

This year that ends we will not go to the party in a nearby hotel, to which we attend the last years, thinking that we would have fun. No: I keep the worst memories of those parties. Everything seemed frightful, deplorable, horrendous: the presumed, enjoyed people, dressed in royal air, makeup and scented, flaunting their watches, their bags, their shoes, as in a shabby competition, of bad taste, to see who is He had put more silver on top, all ridiculous and crowded, all horrendous and boastful; Consistently chillona music, cacofonic, which was determined to play a tarados orchestra that were believed virtuous, ugly, loud songs, quarrelsome, prostibularia, as if they were playing in the courtyard of a prison or a reformatory of Pirañitas criminals; And the food served at table tables, an obscene amount of food, of all meals, who were attacked by people who were no longer hungry but persevered in the innoble habit of swallowing for swallowing, of eating until bursting; And the dancers weighed with the Impericia, the Chambonada, La Capucía, which, however, made pirouettes, zigzags, acrobatics and contortions, as if they were in a contest of dances on television. Everything seemed deplorable at those New Year's parties and that is why we have promised not to return this year. We will stay at home, we will have a drink or two and hug our cat and our dog when they are scared with the midnight rumbles.

The next year I ask for a few things, if it is not too much to ask, if it is not abuse: that no one in the family is infected, it is seriously nursed, for which it will be necessary to cancel more trips and persist in the use of the mask, to Risk of looking paranoid; That my mother and I can gather here and not there, because there are my enemies in the government and I prefer not to visit; that our daughter enters a good private school; that the channel does not say goodbye or continue cutting my salary; that the novel in which I have encrypted great illusions ends well and come alive when read by the handful of noble readers who have not yet abandoned me; That we can travel to London at the beginning of summer and Frankfurt at the end of that station, because it does not give us the leather to go to Europe in winter and because my wife speaks German but was never in Germany, where I was forty years ago, as a reporter of a newspaper; And that, when we arrive in December, we can say, as we say now, we are all alive, all good, loving ourselves a lot, with good health, without money problems, that is to say that we are happy, very happy, although better if we say this in voice Low, conspiracy, as hiding the secret, we will not convene the insidious elves of the counterclock for now!

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