5 things in which millionaires do not waste their money brand clothes against the extremely expensive first class trips

The life of millionaires is usually surrounded by many myths.The truth is that most people dream and aspire to have the comforts with which they are surrounded.

However, the truth is that there are a lot of rich people who do not spend on unimportant things, which have managed to increase and maintain their wealth.

Although they carry a pleasant lifestyle, some of them do not buy some things, since they consider them unnecessary.

And, according to the specialists, one million dollars can sound a lot of money, but that amount does not last more than a year, if it is spent on elements that are indispensable.

There are always alternatives that are more modest and economical, and are equally good.Bring your own coffee to the office, instead of buying it on the street or somewhere in which the name is paid, such as Starbucks, or put together a healthy lunch at home and not eat outside, are some of the options.

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These are five things in which the millionaires do not spend their cash.

On more than one occasion it has been remarked that the great millionaires, such as Mark Zuckerberg or, in their time, Steve Jobs, are not lovers of ostentatious clothing.Some jeans, tennis and smooth shirt are enough to start the brilliant ideas.

The presenter Jay Leno said that they will never see him buying face clothes every weekend, since it seems a total loss of money.According to him, he only needs the essentials to cover the body parts that he must cover.

The secret is to keep the basics, spend intelligence and avoid being carried away by the brand name.

The billionaires do not live in a two bedroom department or in a single -plant house, but they do not lean for extravagant mansions.Such is the case of Warren Buffett, who maintains a home he bought in 1958, for 31,500 dollars.The property is located in Omaha, Nebraska, and has five bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

The Barbara Corcoran businesswoman prepares some items to be comfortable on the plane, without paying more, because she does not understand how to justify the spending money in executive class.

Millionaires plan and impulsive purchases are not in their lives.Graham Stephen never acquires a Starbucks coffee, since he prefers to do it in his house with much less effective.

The vast majority of millionaires did not become rich with the lottery.The probabilities are not in your favor and if accounts are made of what is invested, the amount that can be saved per month or year is known.