The fusion between luxury and 'streetwear' is possible: This is the new collection of Gucci and The North Face

Both brands have repeated collaboration after the tremendous success they had last year.

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Streetwear fashion and luxury brands (although the former is also on the way to becoming the latter) have been going hand in hand for some time with the aim of surprising customers with new and exclusive collections: Dior and Jordan; Louis Vuitton and Supreme; Palace and Ralph Lauren…and Gucci and The North Face.

Both brands have joined forces again to launch a new winter collection after the great success of their first collaboration a year ago. I don't know if you will remember that during the recording of the video clip of his song Un Veneno, C. Tangana walked through the streets of a white Madrid by Filomena with a jacket that was born from this alliance.

However, the 2020-2021 collection could be guilty of "discriminating" Gucci a little, which was not excessively present in the garments either. This is something they have fixed. The Italian house now stands out much more and the clothes give the sensation of authentic collaboration between the companies.

Of course, this release features The North Face's own down jackets, boots, sweaters, hats and scarves, but this year more typical Gucci dresses and blouses have also been added, combining perfectly with the alpine style. We also find bags and various accessories.

As for the colors of the garments, there are all kinds: from more striking and garish to other more beige tones with prints, among which one with motifs of a winter forest stands out.

And let's go to the important thing: the prices. These range from 160 euros just for, hold on, a pair of socks to 2,300 euros for down coats. Worth? We leave that to your judgment.

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