Sustainable bags for a friendly look with the planet

It is common knowledge that we have a passion for accessories, that is, an outfit can go from hit to miss with earrings, bracelets, shoes and obviously bags. Although combining the belt with shoes or with the bag has been left behind, there is a trend that you should follow and it is the one that is committed to sustainability.

Today there are many proposals on the market that can help you become a responsible consumer and be careful, this does not mean that you will lose style or that the possibility of continuing to reinvent your outfits is almost nil.

Since you care a lot about us, we are going to give you a couple of reasons and solutions to better choose this piece so loved by all.


The main reason

Most of the “good” or luxury brand bags are made of leather and, as we well know, this material comes from animal skin treated by tanning. The news is that more and more luxury houses are paying attention to this problem that concerns us all, such as the Kenrig Group, which includes international luxury brands such as Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Brioni, and recently announced that it will no longer use animal skins in the production of its products.

Vinipiel as a solution?

Although it is a viable alternative to reduce the impact of hunting animals, the reality is that in a matter of eco-friendly processes, synthetic leathers contaminate, to the same or greater degree than tanning, not to mention that the quality of the product is usually lower than one made with animal skin.

Sustainable bags for an eco-friendly look planet

Synthetic leather derives from Poromeric, a material made of a plastic coating (usually a polyurethane) over a fibrous base layer (polyester). Bottom line, this is soft plastic that spends more time degrading than it does in your closet.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Now, let's talk about earth-friendly materials and better pick our accessories like bags, purses and more.

- Cork is a good material to start on the subject of sustainable accessories such as bags. It is a natural, flexible and above all resistant fabric. Unlike animal leather, it does not require maintenance, it does not lose its properties and you can easily wash it. Google it! You will surely find something.

- The nopal is delicious, in juices, in salads and now in bags. Many Mexican entrepreneurs have developed techniques to work with this cetacean and without a doubt, it should become a must in your closet.

- The sachet is that material with which the hermetic bags for McDonald's ketchup, milk or soy sauce are made. It is unimaginable that accessories can come out of these bags, but new designers are exploring these possibilities that also simulate leather very well.

With these tricks your new shoes will never hurt you

If you have doubts and it is very normal, remember that you can always go to a vintage bazaar or a second-hand store and give the leather pieces that are looking for a new owner a chance. The idea will always be to expand the circle and offer alternatives that pollute less, you know that in a consumer society, the rebel is the one who reinvents himself.

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