An 11 -year -old girl buys an old caravan with her savings and makes her a luxury house

An 11 -year -old girl buys an old caravan with her savings and makes her a luxury house

Age does not matter.When there is talent, energy and long -term vision, success comes alone.The little Lauren Nelson is 11 years old and already demonstrated a surprising ability to see an opportunity where no one else would pay attention.What she did?She bought a caravan in bad state at a very low price.She invested just a little money and completely renewed her.The result really impresses.

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The parents did not think it would really, but she had already made the decision.In the following days she began to save and analyze prices."I had an envelope where I kept all my birthday and Christmas money, and I joined everything, and with that I bought the caravan," explained the girl, who had a very fast opportunity, since one of her neighbors was looking forward to selling her oldunline Sunray Sunray of1988.

Lauren showed that he already has ease to handle himself in the business world since he did not amilate before the neighbor and the price requisitled (originally the man asked 500 dollars) to pay with his 400. "It was not very difficult. He told me$ 500 and I replied $ 400 because that was the money I had in my bank account and he said: 'Sold,' "the girl recalled.

The remodeling

"I'm going to live here forever," Lauren exclaimed when he traveled the bus for the first time.Excited to have her own place, the little girl did not pay attention to the lazy state in which the vehicle was.

He began to clean and get the old things that had remained from the previous owner.There was a camping team, insect repellent, sunscreen and a lot of clothes thrown everywhere.However, she did not lower her arms when she saw all the work he had to do.

Nor did he get scared when he found a family of mice living in his brand new dwelling with wheels.Two were inside the oven and two others under a bed."I thought the mice were adorable," said Lauren."It sadded me a lot that we had possibly brought home a caravan without their parents, since I wasn't going very well when we found them," the girl told Insider.

Some of the windows had leaks, so Lauren's father also joined the project and repaired.The mattresses and pillows also had to clean themselves thoroughly, so they took them out and washed them with a special carpet product.

When everything was clean and fixed, the aesthetics had to be renewed.For Lauren it was like a kind of practices.since as an aspiring interior decorator she enjoyed something that for many would be very cumbersome.She designed the caravan in the way she wanted and carefully chose every detail.

To continue with its incredible renewal, Lauren had run out of budget.She spent everything buying the vehicle.It was then that her mother decided to collaborate.Taking advantage that the girl had not been able to go to the summer camp, Aimee invested that money in the renewal of her daughter's caravan.

The final renewal

They bought paint, the covers of the pillows and everything necessary.Lauren also made her contribution and with the little she had left she bought a photo frame, she also took some plants in the garden and some of the floating wood that she had left over from her father's work.

After two months of intense work, the girl had her own home.And so, when you pass through the house of this family you can see a motorhome parked at the door, where a little girl found and manufactured the special place of her in which she spends five days a week.

"If you are looking to have great plans in the future, you must leave and do it. Make it happen," she said, who became an inspiration for many.

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