What the minors like?- Vanguard

Now that small walking speakers put - or badly - music to the city, it is quite everyday to hear songs as older where they join, unfortunately from many, Becky G with Bad Bunny.

Some teenagers go down the street with the song at full volume, while you can hear the lyrics in the quite loud voice of the young woman:

I like elders/of those who call gentlemen/of those who open the door/and send you flowers.

So far everything perfect, because the age difference does not have to be an impediment to love, even, you can even have your charms.The problem is when the other stanza arrives with a parliament like this:

I like bigger/that I don't fit in my mouth ...

Lo que le gusta a los ¿menores? - Vanguardia

And yes, you don't need to fly the imagination.It's just what you're thinking.

With the arrival of the trap, direct and ornaments has become an essential element to sell and accompanies the musical videos of this musical subgenre, as some call it, the truth is that I have no category where to place it.

In the elderly clip, the singer appears dressed in the clothing of a Sado Masochist -style porn star.Sitting on a sofa opens your legs, in a pose with a well -marked sexual load, with gestures that, more than sensual, are rude, with little class ...

It is not about making a moralist reading of the clip.Well recreated human sensuality can and has been one of the most exquisite edges of art.But of course, the artistic reflects the vulgarity and precisely vulgar, this is how Luce Becky G.

On the other hand, the ominous Bad Bunny appears with a young alpha male jerk talking about their potentialities in bed, in the style that with it the toys are not needed.How cute!

The video, where the dark tones prevail and imitates the life of a night bar, returns on a story in the style of the criminals Bonnie and Clyde, because in the end they scam the older man, but not before leaving him handcuffed to the bed.

It is amazed that women, we, who fatten the popularity of these types of artists?They sell a stereotyped, dumb, insulsa image of intimacy.

There is no problem that the elderly attract you, the problem is that they are Becky G and Bad Bunny who mark your musical and passing taste, they become a reference point on how to dress and act.That would be fatal.