The impressive jewels that Margarita de Denmark inherited with conditions

Están a punto de cumplirse 50 años desde el ascenso al trono de la reina Margarita, y la Casa Real ha publicado un nuevo retrato de la monarca de 81 años.

Por A. S.Las impresionantes joyas que Margarita de Dinamarca heredó con condiciones Las impresionantes joyas que Margarita de Dinamarca heredó con condiciones

On January 14, 2022, 50 years of the death of Federico IX and the arrival of his daughter Margarita, the first Queen of Denmark from Margarita I, in the fourteenth century will be completed, in the fourteenth century, in the fourteenth century.To celebrate five decades of reign, the Danish Casa has published a new portrait of Queen Margarita II.It is part of a photographic series made by Per Morten Abrahamsen at the Dome Hall of the Fredensborg Palace in April 2020.

In the image you can see well the face of the 81 -year -old monarch, slightly elevated and profile, and with the gaze towards the horizon.A inn, perhaps, with which the queen reflects on five decades of reign looking to the future of the Danish crown.

In the portrait, the queen looks a blue velvet dress with neckline and a spectacular set of jewels.On the Band of the Elephant Order, he carries the portrait of his father, King Federico XI, in a diamond brooch.However, the most striking is the tiara, the earrings and the pearl and didamantes necklace.La Tiara belonged to Princess Luisa from the Netherlands, great -grandmother of the monarch.He received it as a wedding gift next to a diamond flourIn Luisa de Denmark for his marriage to Federico VIII of Denmark.

Las impresionantes joyas que Margarita de Dinamarca heredó con condiciones

The whole had a twin, which Mariana received from the Netherlands when marrying with Luisa's brother.It is believed that the tiara was inherited by her daughter Alejandrina and then her daughter, Charlotte, suddenly died at age 21 and the last known owner of a tiara whose whereabouts is currently a mystery.

The steps can be followed to Denmark and add some more.Queen Luisa added a pearl and diamond necklace that she had received for her wedding from the Jedive of Egypt.Two pearls that originally were part of this necklace later became slopes.In his will, Luisa lets this set of pearls and diamond jewel, Ingrid and Margarita.All have taken the Pearl Poire tiara, with their 18 pear -shaped pearls between the diamond arches, with the necklace, the slopes and the brooch that accompany it.

An impressive set of jewels with great meaning for the family.Hence, Queen Margarita has used it at important times of her reign from the first portrait made on the occasion of her rise to the throne in 1972 to the last.In 2015 he took her for the gala dinner offered to King Guillermo and the Maximum Queen of Holland in memory of the shared family heritage of both royal families.Only two times a family member has taken the tiara on behalf of the queen.In 1937 the still Princess Ingrid requested her borrowed for the coronation of King Jorge VI and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, the queen mother.Princess Margarita de Sweden, wife of Prince Axel of Denmark, took her in the coronation of Isabel II.