Hidden Amazon Prime Video movies that almost no one has seen and that are very worthwhile


David Cronenberg is one of the most interesting directors of recent decades and has managed to carve out a unique career in the world of fantastic cinema with films like Videodrome, The Fly or Scanners. The fact is that some of his feature films have barely been seen as they lack a commercial run in Spain.

Circuit tension is one of the best examples, a story that has nothing to do with the genre that has made him famous and that focuses on the Canadian director's love of cars and speed. It's not one of his most accomplished works, but you can't say you're a fan of Cronenberg's movies without seeing everything that's available to you. You have it in this link.

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13 assassins

Takashi Miike shoots a lot of movies, too many, and from time to time he gives us some very interesting ones like 13 assassins. On this occasion he started from a 1963 classic that he knew how to take to his own terrain to show his own vision of feudal Japan and the little mercy of some characters.

The samurai protagonist of 13 assassins manages to form a group of ruthless companions with whom he will try to end the life of a tyrant, even if they have to face his numerous escort and create the perfect plan. This is an action-packed movie that you can entertain yourself with at any time and is also reminiscent of other classics. You have it on Prime Video.

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Takeshi Kitano is an indispensable name for lovers of mobster movies. Also known for other works, the yakuza genre is where he has achieved some of his greatest successes and on Prime Video you can find his Outrage saga, with the first film and two more sequels for those who enjoy dry violence and tough guys .

Outrage focuses on the struggle for power of the protagonist and his gang in a film full of shootouts with other yakuzas and everything one can expect from this genre: murders, bribes, robberies... Without being one of his most successful works, in this series of feature films we find a director with a very refined style who continues to have fun with the stories.

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Películas escondidas de Amazon Prime Video que casi nadie ha visto y que merecen mucho la pena

We are now facing a crime film shot on a low budget but that works perfectly. Sometimes we find hidden surprises in the platform catalogs and this is a good example of what happens in Prime Video: small gems that surpass in quality the great titles that are advertised so much.

There's nothing surprising about Narc's premise: a cop has to investigate the murder of a colleague who was working undercover. But, when he starts to dig deeper, he finds that he can't trust who he thought. And maybe you as a viewer shouldn't either when you stand in front of Narc on Prime Video.

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hurry hurry

Although at the time it was one of the great titles of 1981, the new generations barely know Quickly quickly, one of the key films of the so-called quinqui cinema. This was directed by Carlos Saura with non-professional actors and the shooting was full of situations that today would be unbearable. Not everything has to be stuck to the present and returning to these titles is worth it.

Quickly quickly is the story of four friends and the crimes they commit driven by drugs, a disadvantaged social situation and the context. To the rhythm of the music, this film that won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival is a highly entertaining story that serves to approach a very important genre in our country, and all under impeccable direction.

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Also known as Skyscraper, this is the film adaptation of a great novel by JG Ballard, author of which Cronenberg adapted Crash and Spielberg's Empire of the Sun. For those who dare with the bravest cinema, here we find a work of complicated qualification that aroused all kinds of responses and that is starred by a great Tom Hiddleston.

High-Rise places in a mammoth complex of buildings the classic context of social classes as the floors advance. But here a different story is shown where the environment leads to the demolition of what we understand as society to let out the wildest side of the tenants. This is an excessive movie that you should see on Prime Video, although we warn you that it is not for everyone.

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Europe One

In case you are looking for a more classic and comfortable science fiction movie to watch, Europa One may be a more suitable option. We all like to watch a film like this from time to time, especially if it has a certain originality that overcomes the tight budget it suffers from. A thriller in space? Surely it is the best time to enjoy it.

The premise is based on the mission to a moon of Jupiter carried out by a team of six astronauts. On the way to Europe to find extraterrestrial life there is a communication problem with Earth and they feel isolated, but are they alone? Do any of them want the mission to fail? Here is some very nice entertainment to watch if you are a sci-fi fan.

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The Human Race

As if it were a special chapter of some science fiction series, the premise of The Human Race is born from an unusual event that the protagonists must clarify, if they survive. Science fiction sometimes comes from proposals that are very different from what is expected and in Prime Video there are many examples.

In The Human Race part of the kidnapping of 80 people of all kinds who must compete with each other if they do not want to die. A story that sounds familiar and that takes its own path in a feature film that prioritizes originality above all else, although it is not as good as it could be with that synopsis.

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wild session

In Prime Video we also find space for documentaries and, if you like movies, you can't miss Wild Session. This is one of those documentaries that is best watched with a pen and paper, because you are going to take note of a multitude of titles and names to investigate (and enjoy) later.

Wild Session is a journey through low-budget or alternative cinema that premiered in Spain between the 60s and 80s. From horror to erotic comedies or westerns, there were many films that have been forgotten today, but which deserve worth going back. In addition, some well-known names appear to give their opinions or recommend titles.

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An Italian in Norway

Since you have to end with a good taste in your mouth, we do it with one of those comedy that always manage to make you smile. An Italian in Norway is a low-budget story, but whose theme is international and manages to remind us not to get carried away by the big titles when we want to get it right.

The story of An Italian in Norway is that of an official who has always dreamed of this job, who loves his life, but who is the victim of a state process to fire public employees. From that moment on, he clings to his job at any cost, even if they transfer him to Norway or try to make his life miserable. Put it on Prime Video, you'll enjoy it.


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