From the conquest of Galdós, the recovery of an emblem


During the conquest, the Castilians maintained a battle with an aboriginal warrior Tecén when they arrived at the Barranco de San Miguel.For that reason, the place was known since then as a burial of the Colmenar.However, between the end of the 16th and early seventeenth century a cavalry barracks were established there, so it was renamed Colmenar's barracks.At the head of the same was nothing less than Sebastián Pérez Macías, the only islander who has held the General Captaincy of the Canary Islands and father of one of the most important novelists in the Canary Islands such as Benito Pérez Galdós.And before him, the first and grandfather's parent, Lieutenant Antonio Pérez Gutiérrez, who was destined for Valsequillo as commander of militia arms.

This accumulation of circumstances grant to the place, which is part of the hamlet of El Colmenar Bajo and is located on an intermediate terrace on the northern slope of the channel of the Barranco de San Miguel, such a historical transcendence that in 2003 was declared well of cultural interest well.And now it will be acquired and rehabilitated by the City Council thanks to a nominative item of one million euros from the General State Budgets."All groups at any stage have wanted a good of these characteristics, which is one of the jewels of the municipality, be municipal and becomes a dynamic and tractor of Valsequillo," value the mayor, Francisco Atta.

De la Conquista a Galdós, la recuperación de un emblema

Not surprisingly, the El Colmenar Barracks, which is made up of a set of traditional Canary Islands built in 1530, it is one of the oldest historical infrastructure of Gran Canaria preserved after the conquest.The ground floor of the right area of the infrastructure was destined to the block of the horses, while the top floor to the troop shelter.On the left side, was the supply warehouse down, and above, the residence of the bosses and officers.«It has many possibilities: ethnographic, cultural, tourist...It could become an interpretation, craft or exposure center.Even in a small rural hotel.Its configuration will be a beautiful citizen participation debate, ”the municipal councilor expands.

Of course, it still remains for that.The next step will be to appraise this house in the form of an U -which has a courtyard of weapons, two floors and covered with two -waters Arab tiles - and negotiate the purchase with its owners.«The most difficult thing has been done, which is to get the money with which to start this ambitious project.In addition, there have already been contacts with the owner family, but this is only the beginning, ”says Atta.And it is that to convert this historical space into the emblem that is intended as Valsequillo, new investments will have to be made and other items for its complete recovery.


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