From Tapijulapa to Cerro de la Pava: four hidden jewels to meet in Tabasco

From Tapijulapa to Cerro de la Pava: four hidden jewels to meet in Tabasco

From Tapijulapa to Cerro de la Pava: four hidden jewels to meet in Tabasco

Of picturesque landscapes and beautiful beaches emanating from the Gulf of Mexico, Tabasco is one of the tourist destinations to meet during this summer season.Given this, here we will remember some spaces that it has.

Además, este estado es también denominado como “tierra de aventuras”, pues cuenta con algunos sitios de naturaleza extrema dignos de visitar.

Cerro de la Pava

Una aventura de altura es lo que caracteriza la visita a este gran espacio tabasqueño, el cual mide más de 840 metros, según datos de la Secretaría de Turismo (Sectur).

It is a memorable and unparalleled experience, which according to Sectur, reaching its top is a real challenge;However, it will be compensated with the wonderful panoramic views that you can enjoy.

In addition, when climbing to the top, the walkers will be amazed with the landscape it offers in the middle of the jungle, streams and underground rivers in the area.

Some animals such as spider monkeys remain howling from the heights of the trees that embrace the site.Walkers will also appreciate great vegetation and huge rocks that remain upright in place.

De Tapijulapa al Cerro de la Pava: cuatro joyas escondidas para conocer en Tabasco


With plenty.

Enclavada en la sierra tabasqueña, esta población presume un espectacular y único paisaje color verde, acompañado de los ríos Oxolotán y Amatán.

Algunos de sus atractivos turísticos para pisar son el Jardín de Dios, Cascadas Villa Luz, el parque estatal de La Sierra, la cueva de Sardina Ciega, entre otros.

In addition, at the top of a hill is its church dedicated to Santiago Apostle, built in the seventeenth century, and which makes the area somewhat different.

Sánchez Magallanes

This fate of Playa Dorada offers tourists a climate of calm and ideal to rest.It is located in the municipality of Cárdenas, in the Barra de Santa Anna.

You can enjoy the flight of hundreds of seagulls that house on site.One of its attractions is that it is located near the Lagunas El Carmen, La Machona and El Pajonal.

You can also take a boat tour from the Laguna de El Carmen, where they will be visualized by trees and bird species.

White water, Tabasco

As his name says it, wonderful waterfalls of foamy water white flood the state park of the same name, located in the city of Macuspana in the entity of Tabasco.

With more than 2,000 hectares of natural space, on the site you can enjoy beautiful natural pools that are created when water falls, camping or even requesting a more extreme sport such as the rappel.

In addition, it is considered a protected natural area, ideal for living one of the best ecotourism experiences, that is, a trip to be in contact with nature.

To find this magical natural space, Federal Highway 186 will have to take.The park offers care hours from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 in the morning until 7:00 p.m..


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