Discover what your birth stone is and what it contributes to your personality

Discover what your birth stone is and what it contributes to your personality

Discover what your birth stone is and what it contributes to your personality

What is your stone according to your date of birth?What if the birth stones?What native stone corresponds to your month?

We ask experts and we have answers.

What are the birth stones?

Every month of the year has a stone that represents it, these are known as the birth stones or native stones.

In addition to representing the moment you were born, they include the character features, the purpose and strength you can take to promote yourself.

In antiquity they were used as protection, so since then they can be the best amulets of luck.

What is your stone according to your date of birth?

With the help of Dídiamant's jewelers, we listed the birth stones per month and their characteristics and purposes.

The idea is that you incorporate your birth stone into your jewelry and accessories.

Birth Stone: January

January's precious stone is the garnet.This represents the sincerity, fidelity and peace, and to whom it carries it, will bring wealth.Did you know that many Egyptians were buried with jewels with embedded garnesses?

Birth Stone: February

In February, the precious birth stone is the amethyst, because of its purple color, it was always one of the favorites of royalty.

This transmits wisdom and serenity, it is also said that this stone is the cure for all types of ailments.A curious fact is that Leonardo Da Vinci was a fan of the amethyst, he even wrote that this stone is a barrier to negative thoughts and that improved intelligence.

Birth Stone: March

In March we have Aguamarina, this stone symbolizes patience and tolerance, it is also a great ally to strengthen the relationship between couple.

Aguamarine symbolizing hope and security, and it is believed that it has a positive impact on the health of those who carry it.It is said that Aguamarina was a faithful companion of the sailors as amulet to protect them from the dangers of the sea.

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Birth Stone: April

One of the favor: the diamond.This is used as a symbol of love and strength, which is why it has prevailed for centuries as the most common stone for commitment rings.

It is said that wearing diamonds in a piece of jewelry will bring success, love and abundance.

Birth Stone: May

May's native stone is emerald, this stone is believed to transmit health and happiness to those who take it, as well as patience and wisdom in times of crisis.

In ancient times it was believed that whoever carried an emerald could read the future and that it is in the same way, could give them eternal life, which was towards Cleopatra's favorite.

Birth Stone: June

The pearl is the native stone of June.Pearls symbolize power and wealth, and is associated with incredible beauty, long and healthy life, since it was believed to be the tears of the gods.

It is also believed that they are ideal for promoting happiness in marriage.As a curious fact, to form a pearl, you can take from just six months to four years.

Birth Stone: Julio

The ruby is the stone of July and for anyone who is in search of love.

This stone opens the heart of the bearer and symbolizes passion and love, it is said that it is also an excellent ally to attract success and provide courage and authority.You knew what, the world's largest ruby has 40.92 carats and weighs 8.184 grams.

Birth Stone: August

In August there is the peridoto, this is believed to increase the trust and assertiveness of who carries it, as well as realientize the aging process, which makes it a perfect gift for eternal youth.

Due to its unusual color it has always been one of the most sought after stones, medieval churches with it were adorned, and both Napoleon and Cleopatra had jewelry with this stone, which always treasured.

Birth Stone: September

Zafiro is one of the most loved precious stones at present and is the stone of those born in September.

Zafiro is associated with happiness and good decisions.It is believed that he is able to protect you from the counteritempos.

In recent years he has become the favorite precious stones to carry in commitment rings thanks to Lady Di.

Birth Stone: October

Turmaline belongs to October.This is ideal for purifying energy, cleaning the aura and helping to disperse negative energies.

Some say it helps to generate trust and reduce fears.Even in antiquity it was believed that it could be used to treat different pathologies such as anxiety.

Birth Stone: November

November's birth stone is citrine, its yellow or orange color transmits energy and enthusiasm for life, those who go through depression are usually presented to help them fight against it.

Birth Stone: December

The birth stone of December is the Topacio, a great ally to increase physical and mental force.

Due to its blue color, this helps keep the mind clear improving concentration, but that is not all, it is also believed that it can help fertility, being the ideal stone to grow the family.

How to use your birth stone?

Now that you know what your native stone is, you can design a or create a piece with the stones that represent the date of birth of each member of your family.

In Didiamant you can design rings or find earrings, necklaces and charms, bracelets, churumbels and other pieces with your birth stones.

There are also independent creators in marketplaces such as Canasta Rosa and Etsy with options.Birth stones are easy to find in jewelry sections.