Two detainees, 18 and 21, for robbery with violence and fraud in Alicante

Two detainees, 18 and 21, for robbery with violence and fraud in Alicante

Two 18 and 21 -year -olds have been arrested as alleged perpetrators of the robbery with violence of the bag of a man using the “pull” method, after being recognized making purchases with the bank cards that were inside the bag in various shops in the center ofAlicante.

As reported by the National Police, an employee of a trade establishment alerted the police after two boys went to buy and prove to pay with several cards that were rejected, as well as because one of them, who had blood in aFrom his hands, he deliberately covered the name of the card.

The worker contributed specific characteristics of both individuals and explained that they had left in a cyclomotor, which could even contribute its registration plate, which facilitated the search device.

Although the two individuals tried to hide inside a portal when warning the police presence, the agents intercepted them within it, which prevented the suspects from getting rid of the evidence that finally determined their alleged participation in the robbery withViolence occurred only a few hours earlier in the area of Albufereta.

Dos detenidos, de 18 y 21 años, por robo con violencia y estafa en Alicante

The detainees carried each of them on top and took measures to change their appearance, in order to avoid being detected by the police in immediate efforts after committing a crime.

Similarly, police efforts managed to determine that with the subtracted bank cards they had made payments in other establishments in the city, where they were not detected.

After performing some investigations, the agents found out that these same individuals could also have participated in another event occurred in similar circumstances at the end of September, where a 68 -year -old man was the victim of an identical event in the area of Alicante Golf deSan Juan Beach.

The detainees, both with prior background, have been made available to the Court of Instruction in Functions of the Guard of Alicante.