Boom!10 luxury bags in which to invest (without regrets) subscribe

Boom!10 luxury bags in which to invest (without regrets) subscribe

Boom!10 luxury bags in which to invest (without regrets) subscribe

Getting with a new luxury bag always takes us a few headaches.We give him many turns thinking the 'pros' and 'cons' of the acquisition, if we will amortize enough or if it will go out of fashion fast fashion.In other words, we do not stop asking if that bag will comply with the norm of timelessness and we can pass it from generation to generation.

Surely, our beloved Chiara Ferragni will not even go through the head but calm, even if we never have his collection of bags (or yes, who knows), first of all we have to know that any luxury bag has to comply with a ruleBasic: We have to last a lifetime.Therefore, this purchase is something special and premeditated.The bag we have to deco.

The first steps within this decision are easy to follow, and there is a model which we could call as a pioneer in the cabinet of any It-Girl.We talk about the Neverfull model of Louis Vuitton, that classic that will never become fashionable.It is the first whim of many and that is why, we will always have that special affection.

Louis Vuitton. Pvp: 1.120€

As the years go by, our tastes are fork.However, the second bag in the list to contemplate has a name and surname.You all know him (and you all wish)...It is Chanel's Timeless model, turned into that must that cannot be missing in any look.If you are not very daring, bet on the always Black Welcome.You will not regret.

Chanel. Precio a consultar

Dedicated to singer and actress Jane Birkin we have the famous model (which has an extensive waiting list), called Birkin de Hermès.It is the perfect, classic, elegant and simple bag that will give us a plus of sophistication to our looks.

Hermès. Precio a consultar

Dior could not miss this list either and that among all his iconic models, Lady Dior will always be one of our favorites.Short handle, padded and with charms hanging from the handle, it is an object of timeless desire that will never go out of style.It loses us ...

Christian Dior. Pvp: 3.500€

Carrie Bradshaw made us fall in love with the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.Breaking with the provisions of the luxury sector so far, this model opened a new era where the grid, it was no longer the only thing that reigned within luxury...

Balenciaga. Pvp: 1.350€

The Spanish luxury house Loewe also has a place on this list and that is that its Amazon model is a classic that combines with everything.Our mothers had it and today they continue to acquire without stopping ... sales speak alone.

Loewe. Pvp: 2.150€

Another bag that has become Must-Have is Yves Saint Laurent.Like Chanel, it is available in different colors, however, betting on black will always be an insured success...

Yves Saint Laurent. Pvp: 1.990€

And what do you tell us about the Antigona de Givenchy?Designed in two sizes, this bag will be suitable for any situation, it is also one of the firm's best-sellers.There must be a reason!

Givenchy. Pvp: 1.650€

If on the contrary you are looking for a small and elegant bag, your best option will be Miu Miu's proposal.Padded and with silver chain, it is your ideal model.

Miu Miu. Pvp: 1.050€

And finally we have a classic that has come to fame again (with the occasional modification) and that is that Fendi is, in large part, guilty of the fame of the baguette model.Is it right?This bag had its stellar moment in the Sex series in New York and it seems that now, it becomes the great commitment of the season (and the rest of our lives).

Fendi. Pvp: 2.300€

And to you, what bag has your heart stolen?

Sofia Tapes: @Sofcintas

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