15 million euros for a pair of exclusive shoes in Dubai

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Dubai has a habit of taking all luxuries to the extreme. From huge skyscrapers, to the most extravagant and expensive cars and jewelry on the market. Continuing with that tradition, Passion Jewelersen has released a pair of exclusive shoes made of leather, gold, silk and diamonds for sale in the city of the United Arab Emirates. The footwear was designed and manufactured in Italy, and has a cost of more than 15 million euros.

Specifically, the heels are made of golden leather and are decorated with 236 diamonds of almost 100 carats, carefully embedded in white gold. Due to the delicacy of the materials, the footwear will have a lifetime guarantee, so it will be replaced if it wears out.

15 million euros for a pair of exclusive shoes in Dubai

The idea to make such unusual shoes came from Maria Majari, the 26-year-old partner of the jewelry director, Hemani Karamchandani. She noticed that there was a lack in the market, because in the city there were high-quality clothes and bags, but no shoes. "We see several potential buyers here. Dubai is a city of millionaires and billionaires," Karamchandani said Thursday at the shoe presentation. "In the future we will be custom designing and providing personalized (shoes)... not only with diamonds, but also with rubies and sapphires," he added.

The shoes will remain on display until they are sold inside a diamond-shaped glass compartment, in one of the most luxurious hotels in the city: the Burj Al Arab.